Adventure Playground

A fast flying fox, an underground slide and a tram hung on pulleys are just a few of the things you will find here. There's a big swing and a swing for two! There's even a 'trampoline slide'. We've been told it is the "last proper playground in Marlborough". There's plenty to challenge the young and the 'young-at-heart


A 62 metre waterslide on site with water supply. Pure delight on a sunny day! Bring your togs, and a dash of liquid soap, and you're ready for a day of slip slide bliss.


Pest Trapping

Pine Valley Trapping. Pine Valley Trapping (PVT) was started in October 2020 when we received a grant from the ANZ Staff Foundation to put in our first trap line. The project is run by volunteers and established with the support of the Department of Conservation. Pest traps have been laid in the Mill Flat area in a joint project between Pine Valley Outdoor Centre and the children of Marlborough to bring back native birds to the area and to help our community to learn more about the impact of pest species in Aotearoa. When you visit the area, you are welcome to look at the trap boxes but please don’t disturb them or touch the traps. They are checked regularly and we keep data on catches. So please leave anything caught where it is for our records. We also have cameras in the bush to monitor possum, rat and stoat activity. PVT plans to continue to expand its trapping network down Pine Valley to include the planned wetland restoration area. We have also begun planning towards a trapping network at Ohinemahuta (formerly Onamalutu) to assist DOC in preserving this environmental treasure.

 Mt Richmond Forest Park

The area provides plenty of opportunities for bushwalking, tramping, rock climbing, fishing, hunting, climbing, rock hounding, horse riding, trail biking and mountain biking as well as studying botany and wildlife.  Night hikes are illuminated by glow worms but not so much as to detract from the brilliant star gazing, and of course night hikes provide the best opportunity to see the wide variety of nocturnal native freshwater fish.

​Mt Richmond Forest Park stretches 100km along the rugged backbone of the Mt Richmond Range and includes all 5 species of beech in New Zealand, as well as the common podocarps; Rimu, Totara, Matai, Miro and Kahikatea.  Most of the smaller native forest birds find homes in the area including Bush Robins, Grey Warbler, Fantail, Bellbird, Tomtit, Rifleman and Silvereye.  Tui, Weka and Kereru are also common.  The streams in the area support a large number of freshwater fish including native species as well as the elusive Trout.

Kiwi Guardians 

There's a Kiwi Guardian post hidden at Mill Flat. Take your team for an adventure and see if you can find it. Get a medal for your efforts!

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